We will strive to be a successful Hansamo

We truly thank you for visiting the Hansamo Organization’s Web page.

Hansamo was formed in 2011 as a meeting for the parents of the students who attended Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon, California. Most importantly, we confirmed the establishment of a Korean language class in DVHS in June 2011.

Since then, we have changed the name to Hansamo, a shortened name for the Korean Love Meeting, with the intention of informing the Korean culture and language to the community.

We have been serving as a non-profit organization and a service awarding organization. We have held a golf tournament for raising funds and have established a student Newsletter Team and Samulnori Team which performs Korean cultural performances. In the future, we would like to be more active on our website.

We look forward to interacting with many people.

Thank you.


Hansamo President