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We have brought Korean classes to public schools in San Ramon

Hansamo is a purely civilian and nonprofit Korean parent association established to bring Korean classes to public schools in San Ramon and to promote Korean culture.

In 2011, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District introduced Korean as a world language class at Dougherty Valley High School. It captured the eyes of many, as it became one of sixty other public high schools in the United States that offer Korean as a class. The class levels start from Korean 1 (the beginner class) through Korean 5 Honors, similar to the other world languages such as Spanish and French. Not only have Korean students signed up to enhance their speaking, writing, and reading skills, but students of other ethnicities have also signed up to learn about the Korean culture and language. Many enjoy the class due to the interactive activities relating to Korean food, songs, dances, and more. Because DVHS has over 200 Korean students currently attending (10% of the whole student body), we can see the demographic of the school population broadening.

We work to bring Korean classes to Dougherty Valley High School, set up Korean Heritage Night annually at the baseball stadium of Oakland A’s (a major baseball team), operate the Hansamo Samulnori team and Jangu team, etc.

Please forward all questions regarding Korean class to: koreanclass@hansamo.org

Korean Class Activities and Field Trips

  • March 2014 Korean Cooking: Before Meeting
  • May 2014 Culture Fest at DVHS
  • June 2014 Korean Essay Competition Awards Ceremony Hosted by San Francisco Korean Embassy Education Institute
  • October 2014 Make Patbingsu
  • April 2015 Field Trip to Santa Clara Korea Town
  • November 2015 Writing Caligraphy
  • May 2016 Field Trip to LA for Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Festival
  • October 2016 Drawing Oriental Paintings on Fans
  • November 2016 Korean Essay Competition Awards Ceremony, Visit to Korean class by Head of Education Institute, Distributing Awards
  • March 2017 Make hotteok
  • May 2017 Field Trip to Monterey for DLIFLC Language Day
  • May 2017 Farewell Party for May Graduates
  • September 2017 Make paramtteok